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For two decades, The Tucker Law Firm has positively impacted the lives of thousands of people. Almost every client has recovered lost income, medical expenses, and out-of-pocket costs. In the most catastrophic cases we have recovered significant monetary settlements that have allowed families to start fresh again and provide for their children.


Medical Malpractice

“I was referred to Lee Tucker after I was turned down by a number of attorneys claiming “my case would be very hard to prove” Lee Tucker took the time to evaluate my case and reach out and found that I was truly treated way below medical standards. Not long and taking the case the doctor and hospital made the news. Since then, I have had Lawyers call and ask how I’m I doing and how is my representation. If it wasn’t for Mr. Tucker my statue of limitations would have run out. I’m truly thankful for his determination and focus on my situation. He is truly personable and really cares for your future and wellbeing.”


Motor Vehicle Negligence

Lee Tucker was recommended to me by a friend who had an amazing experience and right off of the bat, I realized that I was going to have the exact same experience. Lee and I had several calls to go over everything that happened, everything I was experiencing physically and mentally, he even had a few calls with my husband to hear his side of the events.

I was in a car accident on July 25, 2016. A woman pulled out in front of me and in my Mazda 3, I t-boned a Yukon. Needless to say, the car was totaled and I ended up with physical and mental issues. I suffer from PTSD, which wasn’t affecting my days at this point, but the accident triggered it and I was unable to drive on the highways without convincing myself that the tires on my car were going to blow out or being overly, hyper aware of all cars surrounding. Turns out, being over aware of the other drivers can be just as harmful as being totally unaware. During all of these calls, Lee gave me phone numbers to both a chiropractor, Jacob Perkins, as well as a psychiatrist, Oscar Benitez. Both doctors were wonderful and I was released by both of them after 8 months.

The Tucker law firm genuinely cares about us and made sure that we were offered a very fair settlement for the damage done on July 25, 2016. Our case was settled outside of court, which was great, but Lee was 100% ready to go to bat for me and my family if it made it to court.

We are so grateful for Lee and his team and we would recommend them to anyone who needed a personal injury lawyer.


Medical Malpractice

So Grateful to the Tucker Law Firm!

Lee Tucker, as well as his fantastic staff, treated me with respect and compassion. And only because of their hard work, am I able to heal from a devastating injury without worrying how to get by. I can now focus on my future.

Thank you, Lee Tucker and crew!


Medical Malpractice

Lee has the winning combination of detail, knowledge, experience, and competitiveness. His process is through and complete. I was well prepared for depositions and Lee was never intimidated by large legal firms when deposing others or during my deposition’s. From a plaintiff’s point of view, medal malpractice claims are technically and emotionally complex matters. Lee is excellent at navigating this course as a coach and lawyer.


Medical Malpractice

After I had faced possible medical negligence I didn’t even know where to start to get the help I needed. I had already called half a dozen lawyers and really not found anyone willing to hear my story and represent me. It wasn’t until I met Lee Tucker that I started to feel at ease about my situation and how to approach it. Lee (and his staff) were fantastic about responding back to my inquiries in a timely manner, being direct about the process and any hiccups there could be, and checking in on me regularly about how my health was since the incident. Take it from someone who works in the medical profession that Lee Tucker and his law firm are the group you want helping you if you or someone close to you has been a victim to medical negligence/malpractice.


Motor Vehicle Negligence

Lee fought for me. While receiving treatment for vehicular assault, my chiropractor recommended that I talk with Lee about following through with a personal injury claim. I had no idea what I was doing and never filed for a claim before. Lee was confident, kept me informed through the process, and most importantly he believed in me, and that made all the difference. It was relieving to know that I had someone there to defend me while I could focus on my health and begin to put my life back together.


Motor Vehicle Negligence

I highly recommend Lee without reservation. I’ve had several cases that needed to be settled, and in each case Lee consistently and professionally took care of each of them in a timely manner with a good outcome. Aside from him being a knowledgeable attorney, there’s the personal side of him that is genuine and caring. He wants the best for his clients and has no hesitation in settling cases that can be more challenging. I am very thankful to have found such a great lawyer!


Motor Vehicle Negligence

[Lee Tucker] is an attorney of intelligence, integrity and great empathy.


Motorcycle And Bicycle Accidents

He is a true godsend and a super amazing lawyer. I first met Lee while I was in my hospital bed, beat up pretty badly with multiple fractures on the lower half of my body. He has really endured a lot of the pain that I went through witnessing me struggling and suffering and he was able to represent me the way that I could never imagine. I have not only earned a new friend throughout this process, but I now have Legal Counsel for life. I would highly recommend him.


Dog Attacks

On a very unfortunate night in August of 2009 I was attacked by a large pitbull and bit in the face. This dog left part of my lip hanging and wrecked most of the bottom portion of my face. I am a 20 year old girl just starting off my career as a makeup artist. This was an extremely painful and shocking experience for a young adult such as myself. I found Lee through my uncle, who is a lawyer as well, and he recommended him as the best personal injury lawyer he knew. Not only did we feel comfortable because of what my uncle had said, we also knew the second we talked to him that he truly cared for me and wanted the best outcome possible. Throughout the entire process of my case Lee was nothing but caring, understanding, and on top of everything. Although I am a legal adult and most of the details of my case he had to discuss with me personally, being a father himself he understood my parents’ curiosity and interest in every aspect of what was happening with my case. Lee made sure to keep my parents, as well as myself, updated on everything. Once my case was settled in March of 2010, I ended up receiving the largest settlement possible which was enough money to get an additional plastic surgery on top of the other surgeries and laser treatments that I underwent in order to get rid of as much of the scar as possible. I would 100% recommend Lee to anyone with a case such as mine. Not only was he an amazingly organized and intelligent lawyer, he became a friend to my family and I and we are forever thankful for what he has done for me.


Motor Vehicle Negligence

I was involved in a serious auto accident as a passenger and was very fortunate to select and retain Lee Tucker as my attorney. He from the beginning patiently listened to all I needed to say without interruption or censure. He guided me each step of the way and even assisted me when I exhausted all my avenues of treatment for my injury. I truly don’t know what I would have done without him. He is patient, empathetic and was very protective of me when I was being interviewed during deposition by the insurance’s attorneys. My case was settled out of court, so I didn’t have to face the rigors, indignities and possible interrogations. I am a former court employee so I am fully aware of consequences positive and negative. I am a mother of 5, grandmother of 8 and great-grandmother of 2. He is an attorney of intelligence, integrity and great empathy. Myself and my family are so greatful for his tenacity and his successful conclusion of my case. Thank you Lee.


Motor Vehicle Negligence

Lee Tucker and his staff were all a breath of fresh air, some sanity when we needed it most. He treated us with respect and acknowledged the severity of the injuries. Systematically they collected and sifted through the volumes of medical reports following not one accident, but two within 4 months of each other. They pursued the insurance company with competence and thoroughness. We settled with the insurance company after they offered the full amount available in this action. Lee was available to speak with me most every time I called and I felt he treated us as if we were the most important of his clients. I highly recommend Lee and his staff to all in need of legal assistance.


Motor Vehicle Negligence

I appreciate Lee Tucker’s ongoing effort and dedication to my case. He’s honest, readily available, and easy to talk with. He took my case even though the odds were against me, and we prevailed with a favorable outcome. I highly recommend him.


Wrongful Death

Lee walked our family through a process that we never imagined we would face. He always made himself available to answer questions, explain legal jargon and give us peace of mind at a time when we didn’t know which end was up. We lost a dear loved one. Lee and his firm allowed us to grieve while they found justice and gave us much needed closure. He isn’t just a remarkable attorney treating you as if you are his most important client, he’s a genuine good man that wants the best possible outcome for you and your life. We contacted Lee for a consult – we found the answer to a prayer and a friend!


Motor Vehicle Negligence

The Tucker Law Firm was professional, kind, and courteous. Lee’s mastery of the process put our anxiety at ease. That dividend alone was a unquantifiable utility throughout the process. We highly recommend Lee and his staff of professionals.

Tom & Pam

Medical Malpractice

Lee is professional, personable, and patient. He understands and believes in his clients. He is an expert in his field! Lee guided us through the entire lengthy process and gave our case all the time and attention that was needed for a successful outcome. We are proud to be Tucker Law Firm clients and consider Lee a friend.

Keith B.

Medical Malpractice

I have known Lee Tucker and I’ve had the opportunity to work with him on many multi million dollar cases. You will not find a stronger advocate, or more diligent Lawyer around. I speak from personal experience, and he is my first call in Washington or Kentucky. Apart from being an outstanding lawyer, he is also simply a great guy. If my own family member needed an attorney, he would be my first call.