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How can road rage lead to a sideswipe accident?

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2022 | Car Accidents

When on the road, you will likely encounter a variety of personalities. While some people may drive too slow, others could seem angry or violent.

Road rage often happens when a driver feels overwhelmed by anger and frustration and decides to take it out on another person in a vehicle near them.

Distracted mind

According to Psychology Today, road rage can fuel impulsive decisions for many drivers. This means that no matter what the other person’s destination is, they may go out of their way to follow a random car.

When an angry driver is so fixated on one other car, they may crash into or sideswipe another vehicle pulling out of a side road or another place. Even a few seconds of hesitation can make a huge difference in how quickly a person can react or come to a complete stop.

Increased arrogance and aggression

People with road rage often feel that they can break the rules, including running a red light or ignoring a stop sign, because they think they are better drivers. They may be overconfident and assume that they will not get in an accident or will be able to stop in time to prevent one.

This kind of arrogance can lead to them making poor decisions when it comes to speeding or traffic safety, which can lead to them sideswiping another car.

Lack of defensive driving

Staying aware of the other vehicles around is often not a priority for people with road rage, who want to catch up to one car in particular.

You may struggle with serious injuries after a sideswipe by an angry driver, but staying aware of why these accidents happen can help you make a decision about what to do after a crash.