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Traffic collisions caused by speeding drivers

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2023 | Car Accidents

Whether someone drives too fast because they are late for work or they have a tendency to drive aggressively, speeding occurs for different reasons. It is important for drivers to take a close look at this topic and understand how dangerous speeding actually is. Sadly, some drivers do not recognize the importance of respecting speed limits until it is too late.

Drivers should review data on speeding and go over various risk factors associated with these collisions.

The impact of speeding accidents

The National Highway Safety Administration reports that more than 11,250 people lost their lives due to speeding accidents throughout 2020. In fact, speeding played a part in 29% of traffic deaths during 2020. In addition to lost lives, speeding also accounts for many injury accidents on an annual basis.

Sadly, higher speeds not only make a crash more probable but often also increase the severity of the accident.

Risk factors connected to speeding

When a driver speeds, it takes them longer to stop and some have difficulty controlling their vehicle. Speeding also makes protective equipment less effective. It is especially dangerous when drivers speed around a sharp turn, up a steep hill or in chaotic and dangerous parts of the road.

Sadly, far too many drivers keep speeding, whether they feel anonymous in their car, struggle with road rage, find themselves running late or do not respect traffic safety guidelines in general. When a speeding driver causes someone to sustain serious injuries, holding them accountable is one way to help them learn from and change their behavior.