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When do most bicycle-car collisions happen?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2023 | Bicycle Accidents

When riders and drivers are reasonable, most catastrophic bicycle accidents are entirely avoidable. Sadly, though, according to the National Safety Council, 806 riders died during collisions with motor vehicles in 2020. This number is unacceptably high.

While bicycle-car accidents can occur any time of the day during any part of the year, they are more common at certain times. To minimize the chances of having a devasting accident, both drivers and cyclists should know when these times are.

Warm summer months

As you might suspect, cars tend to collide with bicycles when riders are out and about. Because most cyclists ride in warm summer months, accidents happen most frequently during June, July, August and September.

Low-light conditions

Bicycles and their riders can be difficult to spot, especially when the lighting is dim. Consequently, a greater number of collisions occur during early morning and evening hours. Accident risk is also high during fog and other inclement weather.

Urban riding areas

Because urban areas tend to have a greater number of vehicles and bicyclists, collisions occur most often in congested places. This is especially true in areas that lack dedicated cycling lanes.

Cyclists can reduce their odds of having a catastrophic accident by following traffic rules, riding in bike lanes whenever possible and wearing reflective clothing. Drivers can do their part by treating riders with respect.  Ultimately, though, if a cyclist suffers a serious and life-limiting injury in a collision with a motor vehicle, the rider might have grounds to seek substantial financial compensation from the driver.