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Road conditions that can make a motorcycle accident more likely

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Car Accidents

Poor road conditions increase the odds of an accident for all motorists, but most vehicles on the road come equipped to handle most common circumstances with ease. While a skilled motorcycle rider can also navigate almost any obstacle by exercising care and caution, the fact remains that some road conditions are especially hazardous for motorcyclists.

Motorcycles are smaller than standard passenger vehicles, have less traction and require balance on the part of the rider. For these reasons, it is important to be aware of the road conditions that can make motorcycle accidents, in particular, much more likely.

Gravel and debris

Gravel roads provide less traction for a motorcycle that already has fewer points of contact with the road compared to a four-wheeled vehicle. Similarly, debris, the likes of which might be present near construction sites, can also cause a motorcyclist to lose control at high speeds.

Damaged pavement

It can be difficult to navigate around major potholes at a moment’s notice, and running into one on a motorcycle can cause the rider to lose control or even fall from the saddle. Even seemingly minor cracks or uneven sections of the pavement can pose a threat to unprepared motorcyclists.

Poor weather

The Federal Highway Administration outlines the impact of various weather effects on drivers of all types. Motorcyclists should exercise extra caution during periods of rain, snow and high winds.

If a driver in a passenger vehicle or on a motorcycle exhibits negligence during hazardous road conditions and causes an accident, the affected party has the right to pursue legal action. Poor road conditions do not relieve motorists of their responsibility to uphold safe practices while operating a vehicle.