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Should you find a new doctor?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2023 | Medical Malpractice

When it comes to medical care, the quality of your physician can play a major role in your health and wellness. When you feel comfortable with your doctor, you are more likely to speak freely and ask questions, which allows you to be proactive about the care you receive.

However, some doctors fail to offer quality care to patients, which can then lead to negative health outcomes. Here are a few signs that your doctor does not have your best interests in mind.

Visits feel rushed

While it is understandable that doctors are often very busy, that does not mean they should rush through visits. After exams, your physician should make time for questions and clarifications, especially if you have just received a new diagnosis. Rushing through appointments can also mean that the doctor is not fully comprehending any medical issues you experience.

Staff behaves unprofessionally

The staff at doctor’s offices also play a crucial role in the care you receive. For example, front desk staff must relay messages to your physician in a timely manner when you have questions about medication or treatments. Staff should also treat patients in a kind and caring manner to create a friendly and supportive environment. Failure to do so could indicate that the medical office is not beneficial to patients.

Your doctor does not speak clearly

Doctors must be mindful of how well they communicate with patients. For instance, doctors should discuss information on new test results, medications, and other treatments in clear and concise language. Use of complex medical jargon prevents patients from understanding information, which can then negatively impact their care.

Ultimately, you should feel comfortable with your medical provider. Even seemingly minor issues can lead to major lapses in your care, which can worsen or even cause serious medical issues.