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When is a bone fracture serious?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2023 | Car Accidents

You may not consider a broken bone serious until you find yourself dealing with one after a car crash. A traumatic break caused by an accident may tax your health in ways you did not know before.

Learn more about what makes a bone fracture serious.

Where is the fracture?

The location of the fracture plays a part in its treatment and recovery. A broken wrist varies greatly in severity than a fractured femur. Weight-bearing bones, such as those in the legs, often require a higher level of care to ensure that you will regain full mobility.

Did the bone split out of the skin?

Another factor that determines the severity of the fracture is the type of break. Those that crack but do not separate may not require intrusive intervention to fix. When bones split in half, the pieces may rip into surrounding tissue and nerves. The most severe fractures pierce the skin, opening a wound and allowing bacteria to enter. Doctors refer to this as an open compound fracture.

Is the tissue in danger of infection?

An open compound fracture presents a variety of issues for your recovery. The open wound and the bacteria may continue to intrude into the body, and you may need wound care and surgical removal of infected tissue. You may need muscle grafts from other areas of your body to make up for the sections doctors removed due to infection.

Any accident injury may prove detrimental, especially if there is a risk of infection. A broken bone is so much more significant and dangerous when it results from a car crash.