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What are the leading causes of truck crashes?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Colliding with a large truck, including a bus, may prove fatal in many cases. The size and force of an accident with heavy commercial trucks translate into severe and catastrophic injuries. The causes of these crashes most often fall into preventable categories.

Discover some of the most common causes of big truck crashes on Kentucky roads and beyond.

Is driver distraction a problem for truckers?

Distracted driving practices do not only happen more often in passenger vehicle drivers but also in big rigs. Truckers who become distracted by any number of things may miss critical on-road events, such as a vehicle changing lanes or a change in the grade of the road. Driver distraction is one of the most preventable causes of truck crashes.

Do truckers get enough rest?

The government implemented a time of service limitation decades ago to stop truckers from partaking in exhausted drives. However, this does not mean that truckers get enough shuteye. Without proper sleep, a trucker may nod off behind the wheel or have a higher chance of inattentional blindness bouts. Drowsy or tired driving ranks high for semi-truck crashes.

Is substance abuse a problem?

Some truckers attempt to combat drowsiness by using medication to keep energy levels higher. These substances may become addictive, and drivers may need more to have the intended effect. Drivers may also need help falling asleep and thus start using sleep aids or alcohol to try and calm them down after a long haul. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol ranks high on truck crash factors.

Human error is not the leading cause of only semi-truck crashes. Passenger vehicle drivers should also heed these warnings when hitting the open road.