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Reviewing different types of birth injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

Whether you are pregnant and expect to welcome a child into your life in the near future or your family is struggling with the consequences of an injury during labor, it is pivotal to take a look at numerous issues regarding birth injuries. Aside from understanding how these injuries occur and the various ways in which newborns and mothers become hurt, it is helpful to look at statistical data on these serious injuries.

Sadly, many families continue to struggle with various hardships as a result of birth injuries.

Birth injuries occur in many different ways

The National Center for Biotechnology Information published information on injuries that occur during the birthing process. Head trauma can impact a newborn, such as a skull fracture or bleeding inside the brain. Facial nerve injuries, brachial plexus injuries and spinal cord injuries also occur during some deliveries. Skeletal injuries, such as clavicular fractures and rib fractures, and cerebral palsy also affect many families.

Risk factors associated with birth injuries

There are a wide variety of reasons why birth injuries continue to occur. Sometimes, these injuries occur due to low or high fetal weight, maternal obesity, prolonged labor and breech presentation. It is also imperative to understand that medical professional negligence can play a role in birth injuries. From inadequate prenatal care to a physician’s failure to identify risks and pulling too hard during delivery, negligence takes many forms.

If you are trying to move forward after a birth injury, you need to carefully review the details surrounding your situation, determine whether a medical professional’s negligence contributed to the injury and identify the best course of action.