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What should you do in the time after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Car Accidents

Immediately after a car crash, you may feel overwhelmed at what just happened as you try to process what to do next.

Taking time to complete a few necessary tasks can help you stay calm and organized.

Check around the area

According to the AARP, after moving your car out of the way of traffic to the best of your ability, you should take time to assess how everyone in the surrounding area is doing. You should talk to people who seem to need medical assistance, since you may need to call the police or an ambulance.

Not all injuries become apparent immediately after a crash, so noticing any symptoms or signs of brain trauma or spinal cord injuries in the days following an accident is important.

Take pictures

Once you are out of immediate danger, you should make sure to take photos of your car. This can help you document the damage that happened for future legal reasons. You should take some pictures of the road and what it looked like right after the crash to show your insurance company.

If a piece of your bumper or another part of your car fell off on the road, include those in the photos as well. Having a record and understanding of what events happened can help you remember the details of what happened for future reference.

Talk to others

Collecting important information, such as the home address and phone numbers of the other people involved in the crash, is the next step you should take. Avoid talking about who was responsible for the crash. Having a basic plan in place for what to do immediately after a car crash can help you in a tough situation.