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Protecting yourself against serious injuries in a bike crash

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Bicycle Accidents

Riding your bicycle can provide you with a fun way to stay active, as well as a convenient way to get from one place to another. However, cycling near motorists may increase your risk of injury if you are not careful.

Even though you cannot prevent every chance of an accident, your vigilance may protect you from serious injuries. Taking adequate steps to prepare for your ride and using caution while you ride can help you safeguard your well-being.

Choosing a helmet

A helmet can make a considerable difference in your outcome after a bicycle accident. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, manufacturers design helmets to absorb the impact of a fall. A helmet with the right fit and worn regularly and correctly can protect your head from a potentially life-threatening blow.

The helmet you choose makes a difference. Select a product that displays a DOT certified sticker. Follow the guidelines for finding a proper fit. Your helmet should fit snugly and should not wobble or slide around. You should adjust your straps to fit correctly around your chin and face and adjust them as needed. Other protective gear to wear includes reflective clothing, sturdy shoes and sunglasses.

Planning your route

Thinking about where you will travel can help you take precautions along the way. Consider where the sidewalks are and whether or not you have access to crosswalks. Give yourself adequate time to stop at intersections and wait your turn to cross. Eliminate distractions that may remove your attention from your surroundings. Carefully observe all traffic laws and watch for motorists who may not see you even when it is your turn.

If you do suffer injuries in a serious bicycle accident, you may need to hire an attorney to represent you. Planning your future after a crash requires that you protect your rights and well-being.