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Jesse turns things around with cancer patient fighting health provider

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Author: Jesse Jones

Jesse turns things around with cancer patient fighting health provider

Lisa Young is in the fight of her life. She’s battling brain cancer that has spread to other parts of her body.

But what she’s looking for now is a break from Group Health. The provider claims that she owes more than $2,000 for treatment that she received following two car accidents.

“So now they want to come after me for the remainder, and my health is not good. I’m not working. I’m on disability and I’m a stage 4 cancer patient in active treatment,” Young said.

Young was not at fault in either accident. Her lawyer, Lee Tucker, said Young’s injury settlements weren’t big enough to pay all her medical bills.

“There is a Supreme Court case in Washington that states if an injured party is not made whole under Washington law, there are no rights of reimbursement. That has been good law for a very long time,” Tucker said.

But Group Health kept telling Tucker and Young that it wanted to be paid the rest of what it believed Young owed.

“I tried to appeal to the human being on the other side of the phone by explaining the situation with Lisa’s health, with the stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis, and what she’s been going through. They kept repeating, ‘We are entitled to our $2,000,’” Tucker said.

“It’s added stress that I really don’t need. Everyone is saying you need to (be) nice, calm, serene, if you could have zenlike environment, (it) would be really good. But life is not like that,” Young said.

So they gave me a call and I spoke to Group Health. Within a week, Group Health dropped its case and closed the file.

“I’m glad to have this resolved and get it settled and over and done with,” Young said.

Now her real battle begins: to beat cancer.