“[Lee Tucker] is an attorney of intelligence, integrity and great empathy…”

Ramona Rose, Seattle, WA

Our Clients

“The Tucker Law Firm is honest, hardworking, smart and attentive and I highly recommend them. I really appreciate all that he has done for me and my family.”

- Darrin, Port Orchard, WA 

“He is a true godsend and a super amazing lawyer. I first met Lee while I was in my hospital bed, beat up pretty badly with multiple fractures on the lower half of my body. He has really endured alot of the pain that I went through witnessing me struggling and suffering and he was able to represent me the way that I could never imagine. I have not only earned a new friend throughout this process, but I now have Legal Counsel for life. I would highly recommend him.”

- Vladimir, Marysville, WA 

“I don’t like to recommend people to often but I need to write something about Lee Tucker and the job he did for me. When you first meet with Lee you can tell that he wants to help everyone once they first walk in the door and he isn’t just looking for money. Lee is very honest and upfront about your chance of regaining any type of money in a case. He will give you a worst case scenario and a best. Once he accepts to take you on as a client he is always reachable. He will contact you by phone or email without charging you for 3 minutes of his time. I had many lawyers to choose from but I was glad that I chose him. Since my case he has represented several of my friends and had very favorable results and my friends felt the same way about Lee. Thanks Lee for all your help in my time of need and taking care of anyone who walks through the door.”

- Christopher, Lynnwood, WA 

“On a very unfortunate night in August of 2009 I was attacked by a large pitbull and bit in the face. This dog left part of my lip hanging and wrecked most of the bottom portion of my face. I am a 20 year old girl just starting off my career as a makeup artist. This was an extremely painful and shocking experience for a young adult such as myself. I found Lee through my uncle, who is a lawyer as well, and he recommended him as the best personal injury lawyer he knew. Not only did we feel comfortable because of what my uncle had said, we also knew the second we talked to him that he truly cared for me and wanted the best outcome possible. Throughout the entire process of my case Lee was nothing but caring, understanding, and on top of everything. Although I am a legal adult and most of the details of my case he had to discuss with me personally, being a father himself he understood my parents’ curiosity and interest in every aspect of what was happening with my case. Lee made sure to keep my parents, as well as myself, updated on everything. Once my case was settled in March of 2010, I ended up receiving the largest settlement possible which was enough money to get an additional plastic surgery on top of the other surgeries and laser treatments that I underwent in order to get rid of as much of the scar as possible. I would 100% recommend Lee to anyone with a case such as mine. Not only was he an amazingly organized and intelligent lawyer, he became a friend to my family and I and we are forever thankful for what he has done for me.”

- Stephani, Santa Clarita, CA

“I was involved in a serious auto accident as a passenger and was very fortunate to select and retain Lee Tucker as my attorney. He from the beginning patiently listened to all I needed to say without interruption or censure. He guided me each step of the way and even assisted me when I exhausted all my avenues of treatment for my injury. I truly don’t know what I would have done without him. He is patient, empathetic and was very protective of me when I was being interviewed during deposition by the insurance’s attorneys. My case was settled out of court, so I didn’t have to face the rigors, indignities and possible interrogations. I am a former court employee so I am fully aware of consequences positive and negative. I am a mother of 5, grandmother of 8 and great-grandmother of 2. He is an attorney of intelligence, integrity and great empathy. Myself and my family are so greatful for his tenacity and his successful conclusion of my case. Thank you Lee.”

- Ramona Rose, Seattle, WA

“Lee Tucker and his staff were all a breath of fresh air, some sanity when we needed it most. He treated us with respect and acknowledged the severity of the injuries. Systematically they collected and sifted through the volumes of medical reports following not one accident, but two within 4 months of each other. They pursued the insurance company with competence and thoroughness.  We settled with the insurance company after they offered the full amount available in this action. Lee was available to speak with me most every time I called and I felt he treated us as if we were the most important of his clients. I highly recommend Lee and his staff to all in need of legal assistance.”

- Marilyn, Seattle, WA